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Juris Diversitas was founded in 2007. We're an international, interdisciplinary community for the study of legal and normative mixtures and movements. Originally comparatists, we've opened up a conversation with anthropologists, geographers, historians, philosophers, and sociologists, both within the law and beyond.


We co-organised, with the Swiss Institute of Comparative law (SICL), a conference in Lausanne in September 2009 on hybrid legal traditions. A selection of articles generated by that event was published as E Cashin-Ritaine, SP Donlan, and M Sychold (eds), Comparative law and hybrid legal traditions (2010). 


We co-organised, with the Department of Civil Law and the Mediterranean Institute, both of the University of Malta, a symposium on 'Mediterranean Legal and Normative Hybridity' in Malta in June 2010. At the symposium, the Mediterranean Hybridity Project was launched; a project roundtable was held in Catania in October 2010. The papers presented in Malta were published in the Journal of Civil Law Studies.

Comparative Law and Hybrid Legal Traditions2011 

A conference on The concept of 'law' in context: comparative law, legal philosophy, and the social sciences was co-organised with the SICL and held on 21-22 October 2011. A collection of articles from, or inspired by, the conference--Concepts of law: comparative, jurisprudential, and social science perspectives--will be published with Ashgate in the months ahead as part of the new Juris Diversitas Book Series.


A colloquium on Doing justice: official and unofficial ‘legalities’ in practice was co-organised with the Centre Jacques-Berque and held in Rabat (Morocco) from 18-19 June 2012. The participants will meet again in March 2013 and a collection on the conference's themes will be published.


A workshop entitled Crossroads East and West: visions of the economy in the Islamic and Western legal traditions was co-organised with The Protection Project and held in Turin (Italy) from 4-5 February 2013. Most recently, our first public conference, Diffusion: an international, interdisciplinary conference, was held at the SICL in June 2013. Collections of articles from both events will be published.

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Our Blog is a public site dedicated to legal and normative hybridity and diffusion, past and present and around the globe. Those interested in our theme should add their names to our register by emailing us. We also welcome any comments or suggestions.

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