17 July (evening) to 19 July 2014
Faculty of Law and Political Science –
Aix-Marseille University - Aix-en-Provence, France


Inherently interdisciplinary, the conference’s primary focus will be comparative law’s links to a wide variety of other disciplines and themes (e.g., anthropology, economics, feminism, history, the humanities, legal education, legal philosophy, literature, politics …). Proposals may be theoretical analyses or case studies on the past or present, North or South, East or West …

Proposals may be in either English or in FrenchAny proposal on comparative law will be considered. Panel proposals are strongly encouraged, as is the participation of doctoral students and scholars from outside of the discipline of law. Proposals of circa 250 words (or 1000 words for panel proposals) should be submitted to Olivier Moréteau at by 15 March 2014. Please attach a short biography or resume.

Registration fees are €200 (€125 for Juris Diversitas members paid up for 2014). Membership information and information on fee payment is available on the Juris Diversitas Blog (  Note that registration fees don’t cover travel, accommodation, or the conference dinner (€50).

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2013 Annual Conference

 an international, interdisciplinary
conference on comparative law (and more)

3-4 June 2013, Lausanne, Switzerland 
Co-Sponsored with the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law

[The programme is now available here.]

The conference's primary theme is the diffusion (transplantationreceptionmigrationcontaminationetc) of both laws and law-like norms, past and present and around the globe. A critical element in the creation of all legal and normative traditions, diffusion takes many forms. It may be overt or covert, voluntary or involuntary, concentrated or diffuse, colonial or neo-colonial, etc.  

Presentations may be case studies or theoretical analyses of diffusion; they may be general (at the level of legal traditions) or specific (trusts, family law, etc.). Participants might analyse, among other topics, entangled legal histories, the diffusion of Western legal models outside of the West, the dominance and rationale for the present diffusion of Anglo-American legal forms, the relevance of legal origins and traditions on contemporary structures, practices, the place of ‘mixed’ and ‘micro’ legal systems, etc. 

Scholars from outside of the discipline of law are strongly encouraged to participate.

  • 100: Juris Diversitas Members (with Full membership 2013) or Members of the AiSDC 
  • 200: Non-Members
Membership information is available here

The conference dinner fee (optional, but encouraged) is €50.

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For additional information, contact Seán Patrick Donlan

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